Why ClassPass Is Great For Travelers

Last month, I signed up for a 2-week trial of ClassPass, the fitness startup that lets you go to a variety of gyms and studios. A lot of my friends use and love ClassPass, but I didn’t sign up for a long time because I felt the number of classes offered was too low. Now that there are more studios in Tampa on ClassPass, I decided to give it a try.

Halfway through my trial, I knew I’d be keeping my membership. I absolutely love how ClassPass works! (They aren’t even paying me to say this, I just find it so useful that I wanted to share.)

If you’re not familiar with ClassPass, you pay a monthly membership fee for access to a number of studios and gyms. The monthly fee varies by location. Here in Tampa, I’m paying $79 per month, but those in Boston are now shelling out $180 (yikes).

To figure out if the cost is worth it, I suggest analyzing your current monthly spend on fitness activities. For me, $79 is significantly cheaper than what I’ve been doing the last year or so: gym membership ($30 per month) + 3-4 yoga classes per month ($15×4=$60) + OrangeTheory packages ($99 for 5 classes) = $189.

For someone like me who uses group fitness to supplement my running, I love the variety ClassPass has brought to my workout routine. I know the importance of cross training while marathon training, but I’ve always struggled to find one studio or gym that offers enough classes that I want to take on days/times that complement my schedule.

ClassPass has eliminated that struggle!

Now, I log into the app and search for classes based on day, time of day, location, activity type, and intensity level.

You guys, it’s been a game-changer for me.

ClassPass Flex Helps Travelers Stick With Fitness Routines

My favorite part of ClassPass is that every membership comes with ClassPass Flex at no extra cost. This lets you use ClassPass in other cities where it’s available, and that’s a lot of places:



This is such a great way to stay committed to fitness goals while traveling. Last week, I had to go to Atlanta for work. In the past when I travel, I’d get in a couple runs, maybe some short sessions at the hotel gym (if there was one), and likely end up skipping my more intense cross-training days. Not good.

But, with ClassPass, I stuck to my training plan. While in Atlanta, I took a yoga class and tried out Blast, an interval + weight training class that left me feeling sore for days.

Things To Know About ClassPass


Why ClassPass is a great fitness tool for travelers, and things you should know before signing up.

Note: I am not affiliated with ClassPass in an official manner nor did I receive any sort of compensation/incentive to write this post. I’m simply a fan of the service and wanted to share why I think it’s a great fit for travelers and fitness enthusiasts. I included a referral link in some places, so if you’re thinking about signing up after reading my post, I’d appreciate if you use this link (especially since you’ll also save $20!).  

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  1. I love Class Pass, I wish I had known about it when I was traveling all the time for work! The class selections in my city now (Raleigh-Durham) are kind of meh compared to when I lived in DC and Seattle. Still, I’ve found a lot of cool studios and rekindled my love for yoga. I have to go to Columbus later this year for work, and I’m dreading it a lot less now after checking out their Class Pass options!

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