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Another Travel Blog: Or, Why I’m Starting a New Blog Now

Just when you thought the last thing you needed was one more travel blog, one more running blog, one more blog authored by me (RIP the 15 others I’ve started and abandoned over the years), I’m starting a new blog that’s got all these things.


Thought so.

Seriously, though, why am I starting a blog/website in an over-saturated market in 2016, about 10 years too late, when everyone is basically screaming, “Don’t do it!”?

Because I want to.

And, after a lot of pondering and researching, I decided that’s enough of a reason.

Even if no one but my mom (Hi, Mom!) reads this, even if I only post sporadically, even if I use too many parentheses, I’m doing (trying) the damn thing.

I want a side project that forces me to be curious, to keep learning, and to expand my skill sets.

I want to write more. Especially about things I love: traveling and running.

I want a reason to learn how to take better pictures, and not to rely solely on Instagram to remember adventures I’ve had.

During the day (and a lot of nights), I’m usually cranking away at my full-time gig as Associate Director of Content Strategy at an advertising agency in Tampa, Florida. It’s an amazing job, and I absolutely love the work, my company, and my colleagues.

Tampa Bay Florida Tampa Riverwalk Downtown Tampa

Every weekday morning, I bike or walk to work along the water to our jealousy-inducing workspace, and am surrounded by intelligent and creative people who are constantly keeping me on my toes. We’ve created some mind-blowing and award-winning work.

Ad Agency Tampa Florida Office

Being around so many superstars and having a Type A personality means I’m always trying to get better at my craft.

When you work in content strategy, marketing, and social media, what better way to improve and learn than to start a blog (again) 8 years after you launched your first one?

Thus, the birth of Meg Runs the World, a blog for me to share stories about traveling and running, while learning even more about publishing, content, SEO, WordPress, community building, and all those good things that go into managing a website.

Let’s call it getting my hands even dirtier.

I’m ready. Are you?


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