I’m Meg Roberts— a travel fanatic and long-distance runner based in Tampa, Florida. I’m not a nomad, nor am I professional athlete. In fact, I’ve got a full-time career as a content marketing strategist that I love. Travel and running are rich experiences that complement my life, but they aren’t my whole life.

This is my blog about finding balance to live my best life, making time for all the things that bring me joy, like running & traveling, of course, but also reading, Netflix-binging, hanging with friends & family, and attempting to practice yoga regularly.

If you follow along with Meg Runs The World, you’ll likely see advice on how/where to run while traveling, tips for planning trips based on my experience, and training updates for upcoming races on my calendar.

Meg Roberts of Meg Runs The World Outside Hamilton Princess Beach Club Bermuda

One of my favorite ways to explore when I’m traveling is running. There’s nothing better than heading out for a run to get in extra sightseeing while everyone else is still asleep: I’ve stumbled upon castles in Ireland, watched seals playing as the sun rose in California, and had to take shelter in an abandoned tennis club during a freak storm in Puerto Rico.

So far, I’ve run 1 full marathon, more than 20 half marathons, and have logged miles around the world. And, I’m ready to keep discovering, mile by mile.

Meg Roberts Meg Runs The World Finishing Disney Princess Half Marathon

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my part-time adventures here at Meg Runs The World.